Welcome to the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky web site. As your new Moderator, I stand upon the shoulders of those who have labored in the vineyard for the past 150 years plus. In the words of the hymnologist, “To serve this present age, my calling to fulfill, O may it all my powers engage, to do my Master’s Will.”

In these uncertain times, fraught with a disturbing tone set by our elected officials in Washington, D.C., the necessity for the General Association is more necessary than ever Рour unity is important, our fellowship is important, our support to the objectives is important (Simmons College of Kentucky, the American Baptist newspaper, and the State Mission Board).

This website is under construction. We are grateful for this outlet to speak directly to you and as we continue forward, let us pray for a great General Association year!

Your Moderator,

Dr. Bernard Crayton